[…]as of right now, the only people I see playing fast and loose with anti-Semites, xenophobes, homophobes, ultranationalists, fascists, neo-Nazis, or far-right outfits of any other description are the flinty, austerian sociopaths of Brussels, Frankfurt and Berlin.

For it is not fascists that they are really afraid of. History shows how elites never have been. Churchill may have defeated Hitler, but in the choice between fascism and socialism in the Greek Civil War, he knew which side his pita was tzatziki’ed.

Rather, it is the sans culottes that makes elite blood run cold. And these days, it appears that the latter-day Jacobins of the Mediterranean are grabbing their pitchforks and sharpening the guillotines.

Austerity Land: Leigh Phillips (EU Observer)


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