Ajanta Caves — Dalrymple

So who are such bibliomemoirs for? If you are a reader, wouldn’t you rather be reading Moby-Dick than reading a book about a stranger who is reading Moby-Dick – and if you aren’t, why would you pick up a book about reading in the first place? These books, however endearing, funny and insightful, strike me as just another form of talking about books rather than actually reading them. Go to the text! I want to shout, bossily.

Rachel Cooke on Phyllis Rose’s Bibliomemoir

Alexander Lernet-Holenia
James Cleveland
Ferdinand Holder
“…und zugleich versucht der Junge,
der ich einmal war, zu verstehen, nicht ohne Mühe,
was sich erfüllt hat und was erloschen ist. Was war, was ist. Was lebt.”
(Renate Schmidgall, Rachmaninow)

The telltale sign of such mythical, distant reporting is a distinct assuredness. Confusion and vulnerability are stripped away, as are the subtleties and contradictions of life. People and places are reduced to simple narratives – good and evil, victim and killer. Such narratives can be easy to digest. But they tell us only a portion of the story.

Anjan Sundaram on world news coverage

I guess you could say ambition propelled me forward but if it were just ambition it wouldn’t have been enough… I hated the thought of slipping through the cracks of my own desires for my life.”

Matthew Thomas interview (We are not Ourselves)


Ein kleines, lebendiges hochkultiviertes Volk wird seit zweieinhalb Jahren vor den Augen der Welt bekriegt und vernichtet. Hilfe zu erwarten von unseren europäischen Nachbarn, wäre utopisch, Neutralität wäre realistisch, aber die westlichen Regierungen beteiligen sich alle bis heute an diesem Verbrechen. Deren marktgenormten Herrschern sind Waffenexporte wichtiger als das Leben Unschuldiger. 

Rafik Schami zum Bürgerkrieg in Syrien (2013)


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