Wikipedia roamings
Max Scheler
Heidegger Gesamtausgabe
Paul Nizan
Raymond Aron
Jean Wahl
Roger Sessions
Marianne Moore
François Maspero (author of Les Passagers du Roissy Express and founder of Maspero publishing house — published Fanon’s Damnés de la terre)
Maurice Maeterlinck

Unheimliche Geschichten (1933 film)
An earlier film of the same name (1919):

Confusion over the two Students of Prague:

Henrik Gallen’s 1926 version (starring Konrad Veidt of Caligari and Casablanca fame)
Hans Heinz Ewers’ 1913 version (starring Paul Wegener, who would later go on to direct the Golem films, with screenplay by Gallen)

More pots:
Rachel Dormor


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